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Just put on a blindfold is now enough to cause her pussy literally dripping with excitement. Completely betrayed the wishes of her lover. Alicia has found a whole new level of excitement in

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Dominance and submission, and it was used by Jeffrey adventure after adventure. It's been almost a month since the first foray into the exciting world of Alicia

Alicia is Jeffrey Alicia Descent into submission I just post it. NOTE: I did not write this story. I just post it. NOTE: I did not write this story.


Any volunteers? But my main goal is to find a loving husband, and have more than two children. Something relaxing that I wanted to do. But it will be to get a job in a place like handicraft shops, or country store.

I could probably live my savings if I wanted to. I'll buy the ranch and get some animals to help keep the company Eric himself.


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I intend to work five nights a week, and keep almost all the money. My last year in business is my most profitable. Then, I hope to "retire".

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I plan to continue his career at the age of 30 years. Just as I did, as a cheerleader in high school. Yes, I love money, but I still enjoy "showing off" aspect.

And, at the same time, my job is that I really enjoy. I do not have to worry if my son will grow up healthy and well. I live in a beautiful home, and not have to worry about financial matters.

Six, seven years + accumulate in the "normal" work. Instead, I'm an exotic dancer, making for one year, it can take five.


Hoping that I could not last until my next paycheck. Participation in the business (that I was in college).

All I know is that I could be somewhere slaving away at the office. Too), but I'm happy (now) with my current income.


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On weekends, I obviously do not have to deal with «Lookers" at school. I only work three days a week: Monday, Friday and Saturday. And not to be left from 4:00 in the afternoon until midnight.

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I leave him with a babysitter, and then go to work ... Sitter has always outside waiting for us. So, I go home, Eric and Baby- There will be time for me to get ready!


Classes are full of Garten, and my shift starts in 30 minutes after receiving the Eric every day. In the morning Kinder- Well, I have.


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No one ever asked, perhaps because nobody can feel comfortable to ask me such a question. Why are you dressed that way? " Like they say, "Where are you going?

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I do not like their appearance; And I'm not sure what other parents and teachers know. He does not know I'm an exotic dancer.


Lacey sequin dress or mini-dress as casual clothes for me to wear, he said. It's nothing to it. Eric only 5, but I have seen in these types of outfits throughout his life.


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Parents look at me with a question mark on their face. I wear a lot of makeup and perfumes. My hair style perfectly; For example, I might have to wear evening dress, my neck exposed.

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All the other parents (mostly mothers) can not believe that they are seeing a transformation in me. The problem is when I go to school at 3:30 am to pick up Erica.

After I drop him, I go home and change. A pair of Raggedy sweat pants and mud-stained sneakers.


For example) My hair is curled, I wear an old T-shirt. And most of the time, I look like a mess. He goes to afternoon kindergarten, and I drop him off every day at noon.

It may not seem right, but let me explain. Exotic dancers gathering to Eric every day at school. Just about the only part I do not like that,


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I have experienced the ecstasy of the value it But I promise you one thing, you will experience the ecstasy you have never thought possible before you do! "

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She said she was moving her head from my eager cock. " "I'm going to make you cum in her mouth."

Exhausted member and raced everywhere my body like an avalanche! An indescribable feeling knocked down the length of my Then she lowered her head and studied the tiny hole in the head of my cock with her hot tongue.

The other hand grabbed my throbbing shaft and held it steady. She put a buzzing vibrator back on my scrotum and rotate it in tiny circles. It's much better, "she purred reassuringly.

The feeling was really nice. As I became more and more relaxed, which left me a strange feeling, and I feel less full.

With all the force I could manage, I focused on relaxing. Just relax your muscles, you will enjoy it much more. " "Do not worry, John. I was breathing hard.